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Alina dressAlina dress
Alina dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Modest Flow DressModest Flow Dress
Modest Flow Dress Sale price$46.57 USD
Rayan dressRayan dress
Rayan dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Classic DressClassic Dress
Classic Dress Sale price$39.91 USD
Demi MidiDemi Midi
Demi Midi Sale price$46.57 USD
Crochet shirt DressCrochet shirt Dress
Crochet shirt Dress Sale price$59.87 USD
Style tie AbayaStyle tie Abaya
Style tie Abaya Sale price$46.57 USD
Siya stunning dressSiya stunning dress
Siya stunning dress Sale price$59.87 USD
Arabian MidiArabian Midi
Arabian Midi Sale price$56.55 USD
Piper DressPiper Dress
Piper Dress Sale price$46.57 USD
Florentine TunicFlorentine Tunic
Florentine Tunic Sale price$43.24 USD
Nari Abaya SetNari Abaya Set
Nari Abaya Set Sale price$86.49 USD
Stunning Mystic DressStunning Mystic Dress
Stunning Mystic Dress Sale price$59.87 USD
Amara dressAmara dress
Amara dress Sale price$59.87 USD
Sold outChambray maxiChambray maxi
Chambray maxi Sale price$46.57 USD
Venice midiVenice midi
Venice midi Sale price$46.57 USD
Bella Button DressBella Button Dress
Bella Button Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Forest MaxiForest Maxi
Forest Maxi Sale price$46.57 USD
Classic MaxiClassic Maxi
Classic Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Paisley in BluePaisley in Blue
Paisley in Blue Sale price$53.22 USD
Roya Bell Sleeve MaxiRoya Bell Sleeve Maxi
Roya Bell Sleeve Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outMidi boho dressMidi boho dress
Midi boho dress Sale price$39.91 USD
Sold outDeep blue KaftanDeep blue Kaftan
Deep blue Kaftan Sale price$53.22 USD
Ria SetRia Set
Ria Set Sale price$99.79 USD
Everyday oversized MaxiEveryday oversized Maxi
Everyday oversized Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Zara Abaya SetZara Abaya Set
Zara Abaya Set Sale price$106.45 USD
Sold outAutumn MaxiAutumn Maxi
Autumn Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Evy MaxiEvy Maxi
Evy Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Garden Glam dressGarden Glam dress
Garden Glam dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Pink Lamour DressPink Lamour Dress
Pink Lamour Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outMirabell dressMirabell dress
Mirabell dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Florina DressFlorina Dress
Florina Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Peony MidiPeony Midi
Peony Midi Sale price$53.22 USD
Dreamy Print DressDreamy Print Dress
Dreamy Print Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Ivy Flowy tunicIvy Flowy tunic
Ivy Flowy tunic Sale price$39.91 USD
Sold outPinstripe DressPinstripe Dress
Pinstripe Dress Sale price$43.24 USD
Oasis MaxiOasis Maxi
Oasis Maxi Sale price$53.22 USD
Sports DressSports Dress
Sports Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outMaleka Linen DressMaleka Linen Dress
Maleka Linen Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outBlue Breeze DressBlue Breeze Dress
Blue Breeze Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outDeep Navy dressDeep Navy dress
Deep Navy dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outPaisley Stunning DressPaisley Stunning Dress
Paisley Stunning Dress Sale price$59.87 USD
Sold outAbaya basic SetAbaya basic Set
Abaya basic Set Sale price$73.18 USD
Sold outLara DressLara Dress
Lara Dress Sale price$46.57 USD
Sold out3 Piece Abaya3 Piece Abaya
3 Piece Abaya Sale price$66.53 USD
Sold outDesert Glam dressDesert Glam dress
Desert Glam dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Angela DressAngela Dress
Angela Dress Sale price$53.22 USD
Sold outMidnight Blue kaftanMidnight Blue kaftan
Midnight Blue kaftan Sale price$53.22 USD


Modest & Stylish Dresses for Women, Conservative Clothing at Urban Culture - Australia’s #1 Online Store

Making the right decision when it comes to wearing a dress for an event or something is sometimes difficult for women in general. The outfit you will be wearing for a wedding would be totally different from the one kept in your wardrobe for a business meeting with your clients. Every occasion demands a certain style you need to adhere to, or else you will not fit in with the crowd. So why not go for conservative dresses or what you may call modest dresses for women? A maxi dress, linen dress or knit dress would also look amazing on you no matter the occasion. Urban Culture has a superior line of modest summer outfits, long sleeve dresses and conservative clothing to choose from in Australia.

Urban Culture presents stylish modest dressing for women who enjoy this style in their day-to-day lives. Our collection of modest stylish dresses is huge, and you will find all kinds of conservative dresses in it for sure. Whether you prefer long sleeve dresses or a maxi dress, we have lots of options for everyone. So enjoy your stay at Urban Culture and shop to your heart’s content for modest dresses for women.

Modest Summer Outfits Collection - Buy Dresses Online at Urban Culture

These modest dresses are made to give you a kind of comfort that modern, conventional outfits cannot provide. Not only that, but our modest summer dresses are stylish, and you can wear them to so many events without a second thought. More importantly, you never have to worry about wardrobe issues when you go with conservative dresses in the first place. These are made to make you look modest; thus, they are ideal for women who prefer clothes with less revealing features, to begin with!

Interested to know what outfits we have here at Urban Culture? Well, we have all sorts of modest summer outfits such as maxi dresses, linen dresses, lace up dresses or the long sleeve dresses you see on TV. We have them all, and we would love to show you our stunning collection of conservative clothing at the Urban Culture website.

Here are some of the modest dresses for women in Australia, exclusively listed on our website:

You can check out these fabulous dresses online for women, and we also have lots of different colour options for these conservative dresses for your selection.

Why Shop At Urban Culture?

There are other shops online selling conservative dresses and modest summer outfits across Australia. So why come to us for long sleeve dresses, maxi dresses, evening dresses, etc.? Well, there are a few good reasons to choose Urban Culture over the rest of the outlets online:

  • Wide Collection of Modest Dresses: At Urban Culture, we have a seemingly never-ending collection of conservative clothing for you. You will find colour variations in various dresses listed on the website, be it maxi dresses, evening dresses, linen dresses, and much more. So you can choose the best modest dress for your comfort and style.
  • Shop Online, at Your Convenience: You can order your favourite maxi dresses and other linen dresses online from the comfort of your home. That’s right, Urban Culture makes your entire shopping experience a pleasant one!
  • Easy Returns: Thanks to our exchange policy, you can return an outfit within seven days of the purchase. Thus, if you don’t like any of our outfits after trying them (which is highly unlikely if we are completely honest), you can return them!

Call us now if you have any queries! You can also fill out our enquiry form and get in touch with the staff members at Urban Culture! We will respond very quickly.