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Calf Length JilbabCalf Length Jilbab
Calf Length Jilbab Sale price$44.99 AUD
Sold outSleeve JilbabSleeve Jilbab
Sleeve Jilbab Sale price$29.99 AUD
Sleeveless JilbabSleeveless Jilbab
Sleeveless Jilbab Sale price$29.99 AUD


Explore Lightweight & Comfortable Jilbabs At Urban Culture

When it comes to Islamic clothing, women are required to opt for a conservative clothing choice that is non-revealing. Jilbabs are one such clothing option that is worn by women who prefer modest clothing. Roughly translating to "long, loose garment", jilbabs are outer garments like the hijab or burqa that only expose the feet and hands and cover the rest of the body from the neck down. They are generally worn by Muslim women when they are among strangers as a display of their modesty and elegance.

Urban Culture offers many vibrant and trendy colour options when it comes to jilbabs. You can either opt for bright and bold colours or timeless, elegant neutral colours based on your preference.

Urban Culture is the one-stop solution for all things related to modest clothing. We believe that it is time to ditch the uncomfortable and revealing clothing options and move towards more elegant and practical outfits. Hence we believe that jilbabs are the ideal clothing option if you love to dress modestly or are new to it.

What you need to know about Urban Culture's Jilbab collection

At Urban Culture, you get more than 15 different colours in our collection of jilbabs. So, it doesn't matter which event or occasion you are attending. Our varied jilbabs collection will suffice all your needs. Moreover, these jilbabs are very comfortable and available at a very reasonable price. To give an elegant look, you can even pair your jilbab with a khimar or a chiffon scarf on top. It doesn't matter whether you are wearing it for the first time or wearing it on a daily basis, you will love our collection which comes with affordable prices. If you are looking for a jilbab with sleeves, then we have several options. For jilbab with sleeves, we have six different colours available and look to add more to that as well.

Why Buy from Urban Culture?

Urban Culture has got you covered for all your modest clothing needs. Be it hijabs, jilbabs, chiffon scarfs or abaya; we have them all. Do you like our collection and wish to buy them? Head over to our stores or place your order online. We will make sure that you get the best modest clothing options from us. Our simple refund and exchange policies allow us to serve our customers with nothing but the best modest clothing outfits for them without any hassle. Our friendly team is always eager to hear from you and assist you with all your queries and concerns. You can contact our friendly customer service team by writing to us at