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Pleated SetPleated Set
Pleated Set Sale price$74.91 USD
Satin Pleat SetSatin Pleat Set
Satin Pleat Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Lama SetLama Set
Lama Set Sale price$74.91 USD
All Day Knit setAll Day Knit set
All Day Knit set Sale price$81.72 USD
Lurey SetLurey Set
Lurey Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Lenore SetLenore Set
Lenore Set Sale price$81.72 USD
Save $34.05Classy linen SetClassy linen Set
Classy linen Set Sale price$47.67 USD Regular price$81.72 USD
Relaxed Linen SetRelaxed Linen Set
Relaxed Linen Set Sale price$74.92 USD
Style textured SetStyle textured Set
Style textured Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Lia knit SetLia knit Set
Lia knit Set Sale price$74.91 USD
Sold out3 Piece Abaya3 Piece Abaya
3 Piece Abaya Sale price$68.10 USD
Sold outElegant Satin SetElegant Satin Set
Elegant Satin Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Rush in SetRush in Set
Rush in Set Sale price$74.91 USD
Sold outAbaya basic SetAbaya basic Set
Abaya basic Set Sale price$74.91 USD
Relaxed setRelaxed set
Relaxed set Sale price$68.10 USD
Gina SetGina Set
Gina Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Sports UC SetSports UC Set
Sports UC Set Sale price$88.53 USD
Button shirt Abaya SetButton shirt Abaya Set
Button shirt Abaya Set Sale price$81.72 USD
Lightweight SetLightweight Set
Lightweight Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Leisure SetLeisure Set
Leisure Set Sale price$88.53 USD
Sold outMara Linen SetMara Linen Set
Mara Linen Set Sale price$81.72 USD
Sold outOversized knit setOversized knit set
Oversized knit set Sale price$88.53 USD
Megan SetMegan Set
Megan Set Sale price$81.72 USD
Sold outVogue setVogue set
Vogue set Sale price$74.91 USD
Sold outValerie SetValerie Set
Valerie Set Sale price$88.53 USD
Pleat SetPleat Set
Pleat Set Sale price$74.91 USD
Keeping Instyle SetKeeping Instyle Set
Keeping Instyle Set Sale price$68.10 USD
Stitch Casual SetStitch Casual Set
Stitch Casual Set Sale price$74.91 USD


Take Your Pick From Our Exclusive Loungewear Collection - Casual Ladies Sets At Urban Culture

It makes sense that our wardrobes have changed, given that so numerous individuals are devoting a significant amount of time working from home due to the changing dynamics brought on by the Covid pandemic. Making an investment in clothes that feels like a retreat from the outside world is what it means to find the best loungewear sets for women. Even if it only involves switching an old casual T-shirt for a pullover hoodie, updating your loungewear wardrobe could make you feel more organised if you work remotely.

Your one-stop shop for all your clothes can be found in our extensive loungewear collection at Urban Culture. We have years of industry experience providing our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction through exquisite quality goods and services.

At Urban Culture, we understand the need for comfortable and stylish clothing, especially when it comes to loungewear sets. Whether you're spending a relaxed day at home or running errands, our collection of casual loungewear sets for ladies is designed to provide ultimate comfort without compromising on fashion.

Our casual loungewear sets and ladies sets are carefully crafted in a way that makes you feel confident and put together, even when you're in a relaxed setting. That's why our collection combines comfort with style, offering a range of trendy designs that cater to different tastes and preferences.

The best of loungewear collection at an affordable price

Urban Culture is the one-stop shop for all your clothes, regardless of the occasion. The finest prices on loungewear sets and its coordinating accessories can be found in our assortment. Our assortment of loungewear includes a variety of styles, including pleated cotton sets, cosy knit sets, casual sets, Nari sets, and more. Rest assured, they will give you a great sense of comfort.

Not only do our loungewear sets offer versatility in terms of style, but they are also incredibly practical. The coordinated pieces can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe, allowing you to create various casual ensembles. Whether you're lounging at home, meeting up with friends, or going for a quick grocery run, our loungewear sets ensure that you always look put together with minimal effort.

Urban Culture takes pride in offering loungewear and ladies sets that are designed to fit and flatter all body types. We understand that comfort is key, which is why our sets are tailored to provide a relaxed yet flattering silhouette.

Get assured with our dedicated team of professionals.

When loungewear is worn correctly, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Everyone has their own choice of loungewear in which they feel the most comfortable. At Urban Culture, we provide several options for you to choose from including casual sets and ladies sets. We have everything you could possibly imagine. Our committed team of professionals at Urban Culture will assist you with your choices and concerns if you ever need assistance when it comes to the latest styles or preferences.

Don't let anything stop you from buying your desired attire.

Additionally, you can select the most attractive skirts and accessories from our Urban Culture store near you. In addition, we provide sizing options to accommodate all body types and fashion preferences. In fact, a variety of hues are offered, including plum, lavender, olive, teal, pistachio, nude, lilac, and many more, to suit every situation or state of mind.

Why should you shop with us?

  • We offer loungewear sets that are appropriate for a wide range of events, including formal, indoors, parties, and weddings, among others.
  • We export a variety of our goods internationally so that everyone can purchase clothing and accessories at the lowest possible cost.
  • While international orders take 7–16 business days to arrive, we deliver our products to different parts of Australia in as little as five to seven business days.

Shop online at Urban Culture

Impressed with our range of loungewear sets?

Shop online now and order one for yourself. Call 02 9708 5690. You can visit one of our three stores in Liverpool, Lakemba and Roselands or shop online at your convenience.