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Buy the best kimono attire from our exclusive women's clothing shop.

The kimono is the traditional dress of Japan. It has long sleeves and falls to the wearer's shoulders. According to the objective of the event, different kinds of kimonos are worn; kimonos for casual wear are much more relatively simple than those for formal events. The wide belt known as an obi is used to fasten kimonos, which are typically composed of silk. Because of their beauty and style, kimonos have won over people all over Australia and various other parts of the world.

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If you are considering buying a kimono for any occasion or event, such as informal, casual, traditional, or any other, then you have come to the right place. Urban Culture has the best deals for kimonos that are crafted for all occasions. From different vibrant colours to styles, we have a wide range of kimonos for your needs.

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We have the finest categories like crochet detail kimonos, sunshine kimono, kimono throws and embroidered cape. Our delivery team will ensure that your products are delivered securely and carefully without delay. We also have a smooth seven-day exchange policy in case you are not satisfied or happy with our products.

Expert professionals to solve all your issues

Kimonos are one attire that can be worn on any kind of outfit like skinny or stretched jeans or mini dresses. Thus, even your simplest of outfits can stand out when you wear an appropriate matching kimono. Urban Culture stocks kimonos of all sizes. Thus, if you prefer wearing a loose one, you will get them at Urban Culture.

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